Bay Windows

Bay windows are a type of window that protrude outward from the main wall of a building. They are typically composed of three windowpanes, with the two outer panes angled inward toward the center pane. This design allows for more natural light and ventilation inside the building, as well as a wider view of the surrounding area. Bay windows are a popular feature in many homes and can add both style and functionality to a space.

Bespoke Bay Windows

The bay window is a multi-panel window that extends beyond the exterior wall and is commonly used in the upper floors/stories that are supported by brackets, corbels or similar.

Typically, bay windows have 3 openings with sharp angles which are stabilized by the sill height wall, generating a bay or even interior recess. The dominant feature of a bay window is one giant centre pane, flanked by two smaller panes. 

The favoured internal angles of bay windows are 90°, 135°, and 150° as this is considered to provide a maximum extension of the window. However, We can custom them to suit your needs, making them available in custom angles and projections.

Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows come in different styles and sizes but the shape and placement are very significant.

  • Canted Bay Windows: These are angled bay windows with distinct straight panels. They have less than 90° angle that allows more coverage area in the window space.
  • Box Bay Windows: Box bay windows are popular. They are shaped like a rectangular box, with all flat sides and a roof.
  • Oriel Windows: Oriel windows are rectangular or semi-hexagonal shaped and are usually supported by a bracket or corbel made of stood, bricks or wood.
  • Circle Bay Windows: The window features of the circle bay include a larger glass pane on the three sides of the bay and additional panes above the windows. 

Our premium vinyl bay windows are fusion-welded to reinforce durability and weather-tight protection. Our sash is designed to accommodate heavier, high-performance triple insulating glass units. We build windows that are strong and embedded with a host of security elements.

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