Opportunities don't knock. They come through entrance doors

As the name implies, entrance doors or entry doors provide passage between a building and outdoor spaces. They dramatically enhance the home’s façade and help transform the building into your own personal oasis. These types of exterior doors do not require many changes to your rough opening and come in various shapes and designs to match the exterior perfectly.

ASAP makes the best entry doors for your building to match and complement your style and current design. We make the best energy-efficient entry doors in Canada that are unique, and beautiful and provide a wow effect to your front entrance. ASAP customizes entrance doors to meet every homeowner’s needs. All our entry doors are of the highest quality and ensure long-term performance. 

All our entry doors are of the highest quality and ensure long-term performance. To help you decide which brand is best for your home, we have detailed a wide selection of door styles to help get the exact door replacement you want.

Our custom entry doors come in traditional, transitional and modern designs. We also offer professional installation services. 

Types of Entry doors

Single Entry Doors

When exploring options for a new entry door, It’s best to start with the basics. Single entry doors are quite popular and classic and are the favoured type of doors in most Canadian homes.

They come in a variety of styles and have different opening types. There is the right-hand swinging single entry door and the left-hand swinging entry. Some also open outwardly or inwardly and come with sidelights on requests.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors are exterior doors that have two two-door slabs. This door design adds additional space around its entryway and is a great way to increase a home’s accessibility, provides the outside of your home with a unique aesthetic and boosts your curb appeal.

Double doors increase the property’s value as it provides a wider front entrance for furniture to enter. A well-fitted double door keeps the cool air or heat in, saving you money on air conditioning and heating.

Front Doors with Sidelites

Exterior front doors with sidelights are timeless and create beautiful connections to the outdoors, bringing the benefits of light and design to an entry and foyer. They are extremely functional and valuable as they help you see the outdoors in the dark while providing natural lighting.

Usually, the sidelights are vertical glass elements positioned on the sides of a front door to provide more natural light to your space. The sidelights and transoms of front doors are usually crafted using tempered glass. By virtue of the glass, the doors are heat resistant and maintain the temperature of a foyer or entry.

Our front doors are frosted, double glazed and have clear glazed sidelights that will not scratch or break easily even when applying force. They are beautiful and durable and help creates memorable first impressions.

If you’re looking for professionally installed new windows at a competitive price, ASAP windows is ready to help. We’ll provide consultation about features, design and style and help you make the best decision for your home.

We’ll work with you on every step of your windows journey, whether you’re looking to replace your new or existing windows.

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