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Picture windows are large, stationary windows with a low-profile frame. In situations where unobstructed views and natural light are a major concern and not ventilation, a picture window is ideal because it cannot open, slide, or move. They are also known as fixed windows.

Picture windows act as a giant picture frame on walls that showcases the scenery outside the window hence its name. They are statement windows that serve as focal points to highlight the architectural design of your home.

Although picture windows are fixed windows, they are versatile as they can either be assembled with or without a sash and can be customised to look classic or contemporary. The minimal mullions and fewer panes of glass enable breathtaking views because they do not have any breaks or visible frames.

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In picture windows, the window glass is often insulated with minimal mullions and has fewer panes to help improve thermal performance. This window style is also energy-efficient. As non-operable direct glazed window units, they can be installed without grids and bars to provide great visibility.

Because picture windows are inoperable, they are often paired with windows that open like casement or double-hung windows for design and flexible functionality as well as for fresh air. They are often placed as clerestory windows and installed in difficult-to-reach places at higher heights.

This type of window can be used at the end of a corridor, over kitchen sinks or in living rooms to allow ample natural light to sip in. Picture windows come in various combinations, designs, shapes and sizes and are a popular choice for many home styles because they are cost-effective windows for your home.

When combining picture windows with double or single-hung windows for maximum ventilation, 28 inches to 36 inches wide and 52 to 74 inches tall frames are often ideal. For casements/picture window combination, 20 inches to 24 inches wide and 24 inches to 48 inches tall is often preferred.

With picture windows, sacrificing beautiful outdoor views or natural light for security is not an option because the glasses are thick and sealed which prevents them from easily breaking. They also help to quiet outside noise.

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